• Understanding our value in Christ is the central tenant to a changed life, being filled with the holy spirit changes our behaviour.
  • In rural areas Jesus is one of many Gods. Until the way the gospel is delivered in certain areas is changed, things will not change.
  • Jesus is the answer to all our problems, however discipleship and teaching the basics of bible study and developing spiritual leaders is key.
  • Spiritual and community leaders need to be developed in order for communities to see real change.
  • How do change a life where there seems to be so little hope. Patterns of behaviour are repeated over and over again. Alcohol and getting money for making a baby is a way of life for many young people.
  • It is believed that should one bring a large amount of work into a smallish community that is beset with the problems hereto spoken about , it would enable lives to be changed through the building and development of chreche's a primary and secondary school as well as a small technical college.
  • A Christian based education system will be introduced at all levels, and young Christian people who speak Zulu would be the teachers and caregivers.
  • Each individual will be assessed, and placed in an environment that will cater to their specific needs
  • The parents will be included in each step of the journey and encourage to seek their own individual purpose as well.
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