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The Angel Project

Be an Angel, Buy an Angel, Feed an Angel

Some of the human angels being helped

The communities that are both empowered and assisted through the Beads of Hope and Angel Projects!

Be an Angel, Buy an Angel, Feed an Angel

  • Be part of the global movement.
  • Make a difference: ONE person, ONE angel at a time
  • The project aims to help empower over 1000 families in rural South Africa to:
  • Earn a sustainable income for their families.
  • To be able to pay for food, education and clothing.
  • This in turn restores feelings of self worth, purpose and passion.
  • Families being units comprising of both parents and the values intrinsic to those units.




  • Ever felt hopeless?
  • Ever wished for someone / anyone to hear your cry and give you a hand up from your circumstances?
  • Ever wished for some help?
  • Ever wished someone could instil hope?
  • Have you heard of angels , never seen one! but wished for the touch of one?
  • Would you like to know what it feels like to be  one?
  • Easy!  Just Be an Angel, Buy an Angel and Feed an Angel.


What will be achieved.

  • In many rural areas, HIV/AIDs is rife, girls as young as 12 years old are pregnant.
  • Child headed  households are becoming the norm.
  • Little or no access to work.
  • Functional illiteracy runs at approximately 75%.
  • There are few mentors to whom our young people can look up to.


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N3 Toll Concession.

Managing South Africa's preferred economic and leisure corridor. The N3 Toll Concession proudly sponsor The Angel Project and African Gifts, view our website for more information

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Changing the destiny of a nation.

The Angel Project - Be an Angel, Buy an Angel, Feed an Angel. Find out more about the great we're doing

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Sep 26 2012


N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) is a proud and privileged funder of the Beads of Hope Project, as part of our corporate social investment, Touching Lives, programme.

Beads of Hope is meaningfully touching the lives of some of the most marginalised and forgotten citizens of our country situated in the idyllic village of Van Reenen. Many motorists speed through Van Reenen's Pass and never really consider the gems that the Van Reenen village has to offer, including the Beads of Hope Project, which as a ministry not only provides a means of an income to the ladies of the village but offers more in the form of counselling, support and spiritual growth that is otherwise absent and unavailable to these special people.

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